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January 16, 2015:
I've transitioned to a slightly different career! I own CUSTARD CORNER Ice Cream Shop on Jefferson Ave. in Trenton, MI at the entrance to Elizabeth Park. We are open and selling the BEST frozen custard; soft-serve ice cream; hand- scoop flavors (from Independent Dairy in Monroe, MI), novelties and specialties (Banana Split, Turtles, Flurries and much more!) from mid- March to mid- October.
4 color screen pattern for t shirts 2015 Custard Corner.png

AND From mid- October to mid- March, I am a local substitute teacher!

From time to time, I still will add content. Thank you!

July 4, 2013:
For resume information, please see the last page on the menu, or click: Z- About Mrs. Gall .
Please feel free to email me at: appleforteacher@hotmail.com with relevant questions or comments (no solicitors.)
Other websites (with newest posting content first):
Late December 2012:
Happy Holidays! I am working on fresh content :
Ready- to- print activities to leave with a substitute teacher.
Look for new postings in the coming year (just days away.)

AUGUST 2012:

WELCOME, Phoenix families!
I look forward to serving as a teacher in our community.
Phoenix Elementary School in southwest Detroit is a great school with a fantastic staff.
We are accepting applications now. Please come in to register at the school.
Our Open House is planned at the end of August; please call the school for details.


JULY 2012: OZONE ACTION DAYS are days when our air quality is especially hazardous, with the effects of everyday pollutants amplified by the rays of the sun. For more information (and a lesson plan in development), Please click to continue to the page: Air Quality

JUNE 2012: SNOWFLAKES can explain why ice floats on water. Mini- lesson, with pictures, my own explanations, and quotes from experts. A number of Michigan GLCEs and HSSCE benchmarks, from grades K - 12, address the concepts of solid, liquid, gas, and the importance of water. .......Please click to continue to the page: Snowflakes

Feb. 29: Can crush demo: web- based followup.
1. Read the demonstration instructions at
2. Return to this site (www.mrsgallscience.wikispace.com)
3. Read all of the demonstration instructions at
4. Read carefully the section titled "How does it work?" at the same site:
5. On your own piece of paper, Use words and a diagram to explain "HOW DOES IT WORK" ... IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
6. This short assignment is due in class today. Have fun!

Fireworks webquest information is found on the Fireworks page (header at the left in the alphabetical list).

Please check Zangle/ MIStar grades and attendance online for a complete listing of assigned work and grades earned.
Students please check the four- sided rotating file at the back of the classroom to collect all missed work.

email: nicole.gall@inksterschools.org

Monday, October 24, 2011:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011: see SCIENCE TEST PREP in the page links for this website... We worked on pages 56 and 57 in the textbook.

Thursday, October 27:

P.S. After a couple of weeks, the lessons and worksheets will still be on this site, but I will move them to the page named Biology.
-Mrs. Gall

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching Biology and Forensic Science classes at Inkster High School during 2011- 2012. The school website can be found by clicking the link:
The Inkster High School Science Department may also be using a website to organize our online resources at: **www.inksterscience.wikispaces.com**
Also try http://inksterscience.wikispaces.com/Ms.+Gall for content specifically for my current students.
At www.inksterscience.wikispaces.com/Worksheets you'll find a lot of professional quality science resources.
For fun mole comics by U of M students and links to information about moles, click here: www.inksterscience.wikispaces.com/Moles+%28Chemistry%29

Website content is organized by topic in the tabs at the left. Click on a heading for great information, documents, pictures, photos, and links.

This and other graphics are on the Astronomy Graphics Page listed at the left side of this window.

You may contact me regarding this website at my email address:

Enjoy the website!


Mrs. N. Gall

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