Hello New Wiki Creator.

The purpose of this page... Is to have a link to forward to a colleague who is starting on the wikispaces website learning curve.

A commercial and introduction to the wiki concept as I know it-

And- I know very little! (I am happy with what I know though- it's a great start. Fun and useful for me.)

I've tried a google website, the blog concept, and a couple of other types of website creation.

WIKISPACES has been the best choice for me.
free for educators
allows discussions, multiple contributors
doesn't REQUIRE discussions or multiple contributors
allows uploads and downloads of
as well as text placed directly on the site (no embedding method needed- just type like you would on a word processor or typewriter)
allows color and logo choices
allows format choices
a GREAT way for me to store/ catalog content I like, and also to share with others
as anonymous as I like: the choice to reveal my name or etc is fully mine and unaccessible by people just surfing the web
by invitation only is available to allow you to protect your content (including discussion pages).

to join this website. If I accept your invite, post something in the discussion for this page please (discussions are particular for each page on each wiki site). It's good practice, just to know how to do it (by trial and error if necessary to try a couple of times to get the process, but it is quite user-friendly, no worries!). ALSO I like having a record that you stopped by.

Ask me questions...

If you are given management privileges, please also feel free to add practice text or images at the bottom of this page, for practice. If you mess it up, no worries, I can rebuild.

BUT Please try to limit your first attempts to work with content to this page- don't destroy the whole site! If you are prepared to work with something more complex, it's time to start your own site :)

Practice Page